The Laboratory of Instrumentation at USTHB organizes the International Conference on Electronics, Energy and Measurement, ICEEM’2018 on November 27-29, 2018. The conference provides opportunity to bring scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and industrial establishments to present and discuss the latest results in the field of electronics, instrumentation and measurement, sensors and energy.

DOWNLOAD_PDF_200px.jpgCall for papers (PDF)

Conference topics are the following,

  • Electronics Systems
    • Analog and digital circuits
    • Microwaves circuits design
    • Power electronics
    • Embedded systems
  • Energy Systems
    • Renewlable energy
    • Hybrid energy systems
    • Energy storage
    • Energy efficiency
    • Hydrogen energy
  • Mesures
    • Metrology and Standard
    • Laboratory accreditation
    • Data acquisition systems
    • Virtuel measurement systems
  • Instrumentation
    • Sensor technology and modeling
    • Advanced in sensing materials
    • Smart sensors and interfaces
    • MEMS, MOEMS and RFID technology
    • Optical fiber instrumentation
    • Microwaves instrumentation
  • Telecommunications
    • Signal and image processing
    • RF and wireless technology
    • Networks and cryptography
  • Applications
    • Solar and wind energy
    • Petrolium and gaz industries
    • Health sciences
    • Sport technology
    • Agriculture and environnement
    • Smart cities and IoT devices
    • Disaster mitigation
    • Automotive industry
    • Avionics









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